Keep Your Home’s Basement Dry with these Tips

At Oxnard Plumbing and Rooter Pros, we know there are many ways that basements can flood. Some of these problems are plumbing related and others not. In this post, we put together some handy tips for keeping your basement dry regardless of the situation.

Read on to learn more about these preventative measures:

Seal Cracks

A major source for leaks are any cracks or holes in a basement’s wall or floors. Cracks happen when homes settle, but also from water pressure from outside the home, such as from poor grading or from a slab leak. The best way to control leaks and prevent a flooded basement is to keep an eye out for cracks or holes and seal them using a waterproof mixture. Cement coatings are the most popular ways for homeowners to stop basement flooding due to cracks.

Keep Water Away from Your Home’s Foundation

Are the downspouts directed away from the home’s foundation? This is one way to make sure standing water doesn’t become a problem during heavy rainfall. Another way to make sure standing water doesn’t become an issue is to install French drains around the house. These drains take on excess water and move it away from the home’s foundation.

Install a Sump Pump

Not every home needs a sump pump. However, these devices come in handy in homes that have a history of basement flooding following heavy rainstorms. Sump pumps collect water up to a certain point and then pump it out of the house. For sump pumps to work effectively, it’s important that homeowners test the pump frequently and consider installing a back-up battery-operated sump pump to take over if the power should fail.

Stay on Top of Sewer Maintenance

A common plumbing issue that can wreak havoc on basements is a backed-up sewer line. When the sewer pipe clogs, sewage water has no place to go but backwards. When this happens, you’ll end up with a very messy situation.

We recommend homeowners have their sewer pipes inspected at least once a year. This inspection uses a small sewer camera that’s inserted into the pipe and gives plumbers in Oxnard great insight into the condition of the sewer pipe. Maybe the inspection finds blockages, or perhaps it finds other damage like cracks and roots in the pipe that require additional sewer repairs.

Along with sewer inspections, homeowners should have a sewer cleaning every year to keep debris buildup to a minimum.

A flooded basement can end up costing homeowners serious money in water damage restoration costs. The good news is that homeowners can prevent many problems by taking action now. If you need basement plumbing services in Oxnard or surrounding areas, contact Oxnard Plumbing and Rooter Pros today!

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